San Mateo County Sales Manager
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With over 15 years in the real estate industry, Tami has experienced different ways to bend, change and strategize to find success for agents and lenders in all kinds of markets. and now, even during a pandemic. What she knows is through all changing times, we learn, we grow and new ideas are made which create new success’ every time. 

Tami likes to strategize and help agents and lenders with ideas that will work in the current market to help them become more successful. She has a strong work ethic. Tami credits her parents in teaching her great values.  

I am very proud to work along side my Fidelity colleagues who share the same work ethic and have integrity. The Fidelity Family cares about the Client, and is aware that this is perhaps the biggest financial transaction they will do in their lifetime. To say, “You Are on Record” is a thrill to all of us at Fidelity National Title. It is “The American Dream”

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